“Boscutti’s Steve Jobs” Scene 137

An ongoing daily series of scenes for a Steve Jobs biopic.

It’s a narrative experiment. It’s not going to follow a neat dramatic arc. It’s going to be a little episodic and random. Much like the subject matter.

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It’s July. Jobs is standing in his bedroom, lost in his thoughts.

His cancer is incredibly clever. He’s beaten it back repeatedly. And every time it comes back with new ways to attack him. He has no more ways to fight it.

Another of Jobs’ full-time nurses, ARTURO, stands nearby.

Jobs laughs to himself. He fought the cancer with everything he had. He even enjoyed the fight.

What makes the man is not the triumphs, but the tragedies. Wait long enough and every triumph brings with it its own defeat. How we deal with defeat and failure defines us, makes us.

Jobs’ traumatic early childhood experiences, his unwed parents giving him up for adoption, dropping out of college, garage start-up, counterculture experiments. Even his dismissal from his own company.

Jobs figured out what he is good at. And he nourishes his gift. Once he decides what he is trying to do, he is undeterred. He does it with courage and deliberation, absolute focus. He seeks the truth.

When he gave his Stanford commencement speech he told the graduates the truth. Told them their time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Told them to stay hungry. To stay foolish.

Jobs wonders where all these memories will go once he dies.

Maybe that’s all he’ll truly leave behind.