“Republican Standup: Ayn Rand” (Story)

Boscutti Republican Standup Ayn Rand story coming soon

Maybe it’s the economy?

Or the alimony payments? Or the hikes in health care premiums? Or the chipped coffee mug in the green room?

Whatever it is, Richard Charmer hasn’t been feeling his usual jovial self lately. And that’s not good for business when you’re a Republican standup comedian.

“Republican Standup: Ayn Rand” is an incisive political story. Ever wonder what happens when you start to question what you stand for?

When you start to question your beliefs?

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“King David” (Story)

Boscutti King David story coming soon

What happens when you’ve had your day in the sun?

Legendary film producer David O. Selznick wanders through a studio backlot, amidst star-spangled memories of his greatest triumph. All lit by the dying light.

“King David” is a wistful Hollywood story. It’s a shame art is so long.

And life so short.

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“Republican Standup: Fundraiser” (Story)

Boscutti Republican Standup Fundraiser story coming soon

Do Republicans have a sense of humor?

Can they take a joke? Seriously, can they laugh at themselves?

Richard Charmer is a Republican standup comedian having a crisis of political faith. Everything he believes in is crashing down around him. Time to take another tablet.

“Republican Standup: Fundraiser” is a tragically funny political story. What happens when a man loses respect for his own politics?

What happens when the joke’s on the joker?

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