“Boscutti’s The Way”

Boscutti's The Way

Get a little meaning into your life.

Series of short films based on the Tao Te Ching (Book of the Way and Its Virtue). This classic Chinese text is divided into eighty-one chapters, each offering a unique proverb on living your life in harmony. This series distills each precept into a sharp and polished truth.

“Boscutti’s The Way” is a series of meditative short films. You’ll get into the flow in no time.

Are you ready to be inspired?


‘With great poetry, the freest translation is sometimes the most faithful. The Tao Te Ching is really about what lies beyond words.’ Stephen Mitchell

‘Boscutti’s version of this ancient Chinese text shines bright with timeless truths.’ David Cainen

‘Suitably sparse and striking illumination of the natural order of life.’ Albert Raif

‘Wonderful, beautiful work of art that startles your soul.’ Victoria Chuen

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“This Terrible Dividing Line”

Boscutti This Terrible Dividing Line

Are words more powerful than guns?

It is our decision. Do we want to be made more miserable in order to achieve far-off and shadowy ends? Do we want to be torn apart by the logic of history? Do we want to avoid bloodshed and misery? Based on an Albert Camus essay.

“This Terrible Dividing Line” is an existential short film. Time to reflect and decide.

Should we accept a world bristling with arms where brother kills brother?


‘There is a terrible dividing line that separates those who accept the consequences of being murderers themselves or the accomplices of murderers, and those who refuse to do so with all their force and being.’ Albert Camus

‘Albert Camus’ words are combined with one of the most powerfully iconic images of our previous imperial disasters.’ Isaiah Poole

‘Stimulates dialogue about war, terrorism and other forms of political violence.’ Alice Radord

‘Boscutti’s idiosyncratic work begs multiple viewings.’ Michelle Nelson

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“This Terrible Dividing Line” (Film) is now available to view on YouTube. A new window will open.

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Boscutti Cocaine

What’s rattling around in your brain?

An agitated dealer waits in a hotel room for the cocaine guy, the cocaine guy called Jesus. As the hours tick by he worries that something is wrong. Maybe he’s been sold out. Maybe he’s been set up.

“Cocaine” is a frantic rock’n’roll story clip. You’ll have to imagine the pictures in your own mind.

Can the dealer cut the deal without getting his head blown off?


‘As a Quentin Tarantino fan, it’s hard not to recognize a striking similarity. The musical power and the fascinating way in which the story is told are obvious similarities. Not to mention the subject matter of the underworld which they both depict in an unafraid and controversial manner.’ Emily Bristow

”Engaging take on a drug deal gone wrong. Very wrong.’ Hilda Burke

‘Short, sharp, compelling life-and-death drama.’ David Hatten

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“Reign of Witches”

Boscutti Reign of Witches

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

Thomas Jefferson believes the Federalists have overplayed their hand by manipulating threats from abroad and prosecuting any opposition to seize more power. Have the politics of divide and conquer had their day?

“Reign of Witches” was made when the Republicans were last in power. It’s a short political film. A mesmerizing take on the end of an era.

Is it time for a new political system?


‘Thomas Jefferson had faith in the democratic process, and in the ability of the country to set itself right through new elections. The fearmongers might well hold the public in their thrall for a few years, but in time, experience and reason would cause their spells to fade.’ Harpers

‘Juxtaposes Thomas Jefferson’s famous letter decrying tyranny and heavy-handed rule against the political leaders of our age.’ Marisa Gennarelli

‘For a time, tyrants and murderers seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.’ Mahatma Gandhi

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“Reign of Witches” (Film) is now available to view on YouTube. A new window will fly open.

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“Boscutti’s Newsreel”

Boscutti's Newsreel

All the news you missed out on.

I spent a year capturing the kind of daily photojournalism that never makes it past news editors desks. The kind of shots that are too confronting. The kind of stories that are too uncomfortable.

Do you have any idea how many news shots and stories don’t make the mass media because some addled-headed celebrity glitzed the paparazzi? Want to see what you missed? Day by day? Real photographs cut to real music. View a year’s worth of thought-provoking newsreels.

“Boscutti’s Newsreel” is a penetrating film series. You’ll never look at world news the same way again.


‘News presented in this way awakens another aspect of the whole idea on how to deal with news. Definitely worthwhile.’ Newsphiles

‘Insightful reflections on our collective and shallow consumption of image. Boscutti disengages with meaning, perhaps in a far more honest manner than that with which we interact with photojournalism each day. Context is definitely obscured and therefore so too is meaning. It is good art, but a dangerous contribution to anything approaching coherence.’ Pete Brook

‘Amazing photographs of current events mixed with great music. Thought provoking and in many ways more informative than a lot of news.’ Jackson Nash

‘Not only are they images of truth and actual issues that matter, but the music selections fuel so much emotion into these compelling images whether good or bad. My favorite is September 16 featuring a song from Mason Jennings’ album Blood of Man.’ Sandra Burciaga

‘Short, sharp, penetrating insights into the news behind the news.’ Raymond Bourret

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Each newsreel ran for around two minutes. There was one for each day of the year.

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